Hey guys, I need some help getting a couple of LCDs connected.

My boss bought 2 IBM 15" flat panel displays a while back now, and has never been able to get them running. He gave one to me on the condition that if I get mine running, I have to get his running too.

The problem is the connectors they use. The display cables are built in as with many monitors, and look at a glance exactly like DVI-D, but they aren't. They have a couple more pins than stock DVI.

I dug around a bit and found an adaptor I was sure would work:


One end of this is clearly DVI-D, the other is apparently called 'P&D'. The pins are exactly right for what I need, but I had to hack the metal surround off each end of the P&D connector, as it wasn't square enough to fit into the monitors connector. It didn't work at all sadly.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? I couldn't find anything on the IBM website about it. I suspect if the monitor was actually being switched on by the computer, it would probably work, but something is missing somewhere.

Any help appreciated.