I'm searching a way to make a iBook more versatile and portable by making a "laptop vest".

- I guess that a good way is to take a 12" iBook, remove the display and take the keyboard by attaching it at the back of the vest using mesh nylon to make sure there is no overheat.

here how to remove a display on a 12" iBook:

- Buy somes extension cable to put the display at a certain distance that will allow you to put the display at the front of the vest and make sure that the cable can handle the shock of rough movement.

- Find a way to make the display "touchscreen".

in short story, the "laptop vest" is for using the Panasonic Dvx100a modified by Reel Stream.


Its doing 1540x990 of resolution, 4:4:4 color sampling and got 9.5 of dynamic range... but only by using their software (ScultorHD) thats ONLY running on Mac (Macmini, powerbook,etc...) trough USB cable. I'm wandering if there is any way to "rig" this wonderfull device to be "more free" of movement by going handheld with a "laptop vest" for the capture.

Guess that way, with the "laptop vest" the weight could be well balance and allow you to walk with the iBook. Guess that i just have to make it if i want to know if its work, but i'm not a technical wizard and only asking if this idea make sens or if there is anyone who could help me "how to" make such a device.

thanks you in advance to help me.