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Nufanec, while I understand your comments, I just got this MDD used. I'm very happy with it. I intend to OC the bus to 167MHz and the procs to 1.25 GHz each (with some added cooling). If I can't comfortably hit 1.25, I'll go for whatever the one around 1 GHz is (1030 MHz?).

RAM slower than PC2700 is, apparently, not gauranteed to run properly on the 167MHz bus.

Yeah, the MDDs are great machines. Mine has been amazing, never had any problems with it (although I have only ever used Apple ready parts in it for everything except hard disks and optical drives).

And sorry, I was unaware of the slower ram on the 167MHz bus issue - never had to deal with it I suppose as my MDD had a 167 bus to begin with :p Hope all goes well with the O/C! 1.25 should be easily attainable depending on what processor you start with...

Need to bookmark the aqua-mac page. Never seen it before and it looks great! Loads of new info for me smile