Nufanec, while I understand your comments, I just got this MDD used. I'm very happy with it. I intend to OC the bus to 167MHz and the procs to 1.25 GHz each (with some added cooling). If I can't comfortably hit 1.25, I'll go for whatever the one around 1 GHz is (1030 MHz?).

RAM slower than PC2700 is, apparently, not gauranteed to run properly on the 167MHz bus.

Maestro, thanks for the links. Strangedogs is the site that caused some confusion for me with flashing and what not.

The X850 Pro is a 4X/8X/Universal AGP 3.0 card. Whether or not it actually fits is another story. Plus, I've found 'em for $219 while the 9800 Pro Mac Edition (128MB version) retails for around $250. Obviously I'd rather have the better card, but not if it's definitely not going to work. Worst case scenario is flashing it destroys the card and I do end up with a paper weight. Other bad scenario is I flash it with a Mac ROM, tape two of the pins, and it still doesn't work. Then I just remove the tape, flash it back to its original ROM (hopefully), and resell it.
DP 1.08GHz PMG4 MDD, 1GB PC2700 DDR, 200GB ATA (16MB, 7200RPM), Radeon 9800 Pro (256MB)