Thanks for the info Johnsawyercjs. I got a PC Radeon 9800 Pro (256MB) off of Newegg for just under $100. I don't have any sort of USB cards. In fact, I have no PCI cards in my machine!

The sleep problem I have did not develop post-mod, it actually started happening after (if I'm not mistaken) the 10.4.7 update.

I did recently discover a few fun things: A few weeks ago I learned that my FireWire ports appear to be dead and the other day I learned that with my DVD burner in the lower bay set on Cable Select and hooked up to the ATA ribbon's lower/slave connection, I can't eject CDs if they've been in the computer for too long. How odd is that?!

I'm hoping that this weekend I can find the time to set the machine back to 867/133 to see if everything begins working normally again. If I can figure out the extra fan-speed controlling wire on this 120mm fan I bought works, I can also make this thing SUPER quiet. I bought a Thermaltake Thunderblade fan and it's made a HUGE difference over the weird Arctic Cooling 120mm fan I had before. Plus, since it has blue LEDs, my slot fan(s) have weird UV LEDs, and my fan controller has blue LEDs, the entire case lights up blue inside and it spills out various holes and seems and makes it real fun to look at. Especially where the speaker used to be. Even the handle to open the case has light coming out of it (there are two holes behind the handle).

So, at this rate... I should have a mod article by the end of the year, detailing the trial and error process of getting it to run faster... Or, as it turns out, not getting it to run faster. Oh, well! : )
DP 1.08GHz PMG4 MDD, 1GB PC2700 DDR, 200GB ATA (16MB, 7200RPM), Radeon 9800 Pro (256MB)