Again, to everyone, thanks for the replies. (Actually, did I already say thanks?)

I'm weary of home-brewed water cooling. The last thing I'd want to do is sink time and money into this machine and then have the water cooling leak. What a disaster that'd be!

I'll settle for loads of quiet fans and not be too agressive with the OCing. If I can hit 1.25 GHz without any issues (like individual processors going dead temporarily) then, believe me, I will do it.

The best thing about the length of my original post is that I had no idea I was making it that long. Woo!

I'm not sure where my concern for the ohm values of the bus speed resistors comes from. I'm not adding any - only removing. In any case, it could be fun to know.

So, I guess this weekend I'll look into ordering fans, head over to Radioshack and grab a few things.

Oh! There is one question I haven't been able to answer through continued research:
Q: Can the copper heatsink be installed in first gen MDDs (pre-FW800)? If so, that'll help a lot for cooling (especially with a pair of fans on top).

EDIT: After re-reading some articles, I've noticed two odd things. Verax fans are VERY hard to find in the US, and 65mm fans also seem to be hard to find. Hmm... Any insight, anyone?

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