Cheers for one of the longest posts ever! Anyway, with all that info, its easy to help out. You cant get past the ram limits which was said and that is true. 2GB should be plenty and if not, you should think of moving to a G5. The bus speed increase has been done with success, so that should be ok too. As for the resistors, I personally do not reuse them. You can just put deforster pen marks on it and change the resistance by how much you add (use a volt meter). I woudl not worry about that though, I usually just solder them together and dump the resistors. All of the bus/cpu/voltage controls are on the daughter card. This model has a 450w psu, so I would not worry about running out of power. Fans will not use much anyway. I have to take this time to plug water cooling. It would be great for MDDs and give you more headroom to overclock and its just plain sexy.

Good luck and keep us posted.