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Who says i couldent watercool everything. as to why i want to. Well because i can(or can try) and when i run my mini with the 2.16 processor it over heats in my hot room. I want to beable to run this system without running into that problem. I was thinking i could run the internals of the coolant system in that device bottom for the mini. anybody know what im talking about? i think it was a external hard drive that the mini sat ontop of. i could gut that and put the various parts into that. might have to tweek it here and there. maby a extention il see.

Sounds great. I certainly wont' discourage you. I'm working on a water-cooled system myself. However, considering the size of the case and the limited power supply, you will not be able to liquid cool this in the stock case. There are many smaller form factors (i.e., miniatx) you can choose, but you're simply not going to fit a radiator, fan, pump, block, tubing and possible reservoir in that stock system. The tubing by itself won't have enough room. You're going to have to use a different case. If you don't believe me, look at the detailed specs of both AIO and separate components to see for yourself.

If you want to keep the same form factor and use an extension, that may work. If you're going to do a serious job on this, which I always recommend when somebody is liquid cooling his or her system, I suggest Danger Den. Purchase all your parts or the AIO kit first, that way you'll need the exact size you'll need.

And, of course, you'll have to submit a guide and o/c the thing when you're donewink