I have a Sawtooth I'm selling, here are the specs:

450mhz G4 (PPC 7400)
448mb of RAM (1x64, 1x128, 1x256)
100mhz Bus
2x AGP slot(no ADC power)
Rage 128Pro Card (in a PCI slot... no difference in speed in this model against the AGP)
-has VGA and TV out, as well as S-Video in and composite in
3 PCI slots
PCI card in the third slot with video in and video out
20Gb ATA 66 hard drive
2x USB 1.0 ports
2x Firwire 1.0 ports
Audio in and Out ports
56k v90 modem
10/100 baseT ethernet port

This machine is in good cosmetic and proper working condition and will come with OS Xv10.3 and OS 9.2.2 installed.
I've never modded this one, so it's a virgin.

$125, $20 for shipping

Here's the deal on a trade; I need a decent graphics card!
If you have one for trade, let me know the specs. If it's good enough, the swap will include shipping of the G4. If it's a bit less, you pay or we split shipping of the tower, depending on what you offer.
Due to an experience with a previous trade, I will need to test your card in my system before shipping. This will only take an afternoon, while I put the card through its paces.

Thanks for looking :-)
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