Hi all.

Just about to buy a new hard drive to go in my MDD. Its about time I got some proper reliable storage, to supplement my pile of old well-used drives.
I'm looking at something in the 300GB sort of area. I have basiclaly narrowed it down to two options:

A 320GB WD Caviar 7200rpm with 8MB buffer, or a 300GB Maxtor Diamondmax 7200rpm with 16MB buffer for about 5(~$9) less.

Just wondering how much difference (if any) the buffer is likely to make in an MDD FW800. I plan to use this a the boot drive, since it will be faster and more reliable than any of my other drives. I would prefer the drive to be as fast as possible, but if the bottleneck is the bus rather than the drive, I will go for the slightly bigger one.

What do we think?