Alright, this may have been done before, but two or three threads on the same topic can't hurt smile

So what's your favorite Mac? Or, at least, the list of your favorite Macs in order of favoritism?

1. Power Macintosh 9600 - In my opinion, the most versitile and upgradable Macintosh in existance
2. iMac G5 20" - Perfect design; the greatest mid-ranged Macintosh Apple has produced
3. Quad Core G5 - Does this really need explanation?
4. TAM - WAY ahead of its time; This is Apple in its true form.
4. Performa 6200CD - First computer my Dad bought (not the first used)... brings back memories

Anyways, it's all about opinion. Certainly you would disagree, so feel free to post your list.