It was a really quick little construction, but very awesome, I think! I took an Altoid sour tin that I found on the ground at my school, a compact flash card reader, and my spare iPod mini harddrive, and made a leet little jump drive laugh I kind of didn't take pics of step by step building, but it's so simple and cheap it can take 5 minutes or more or less, depending how lazy you're not. But, here is what I did.
My Materials include:
*1 Altoids Tangerine Sours tin (the round ones)
*1 USB compact flash reader
*1 Hitachi 4gb 3900 rpm Microdrive out of an iPod mini
*1 square of styrofoam out of my DVD burner box

and tools:
*1 pocket knife
*1 pair of scissors
*1 metal cutter

So, first off I had to take off the casing of the CF card reader. After that, I cut a 1 cm wide opening, which goes from the top to the part right before it curves under to the bottom. Then, since I wanted to keep the reader intact, I took the foam from the DVD burner box that held it in place and cut a circle as big as the rim, so it would stick in there nice and snug. Then I traced the card reader with the mini hd in, and cut a little crevice for it to rest in, making it just big enough, so it didn't get loose. After that, I popped on the lid and beheld a 4gb tin of Altoids. Curiously high capacity smile
What I intend to do next (when I have the tools) is to drill a little hole somewhere and either a) get an LED that can reach it or b) make a little reflective tube to the outside so I can see the activity light.