Sometime within the next two months I'm gonna be dumping my old 90mhz 7200.

If anyone wants it for some late 90s novelty mod, please get in touch. There is a accelerator board you can get for it that will take it to G3 500mhz, if you so desire.

I'm in the UK, and I doubt it's very cost efficient to send it overseas, but if you're willing to pay postage, it's yours.

I'm also getting rid of a Connectix Black & White QuickCam (with drivers on floppies!). It plugs into either of the serial/modem or parallel/printer ports. If anyone wants it for a project, let me know.

And if by any remote chance someone wanted to trade this junk for a USB to SCSI adaptor so I can carry on using my SCSI scanner, I'd be over the moon and Angels would smile on you forever more.