Ok, I just basically wanted to share this info with the rest of you, incase you have similar issues. I just decided to turn on some music on my system when I was hearing this faint scratching noise. It sounded like the music was being played from a broken record.

I had a good idea of where the issue lied as I have had similar issues before. So, I started playing with the USB ports and all my peripherals. I wasnt having any luck swapping them around. Then I decided to unplug the power adapters to the USB hubs. When I unplugged it, the static quit.

So, the lesson learned. If you are going to have 10 or so USB devices like me, buy NICE USB hubs. Ones that will guarantee clean power from the adapaters. Unfortunately I have two cheap ones. Its working fine atm with the power adapter off one of them, as I have all the low powered ones in that hub, plus the speakers.

Anyway, just sharing my experience.
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