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First of all, welcome to MacMod! Good job with these mods. The only advice that I might offer is to concentrate on the aesthetics of the mods a tad more. By this, I mean, making sure all the details are alot more complimenting of the enclosures.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more.

A couple people have told me that, like I should put FrankenMac in one case or trimming up FrankenBook and hiding the bolts and such. However, I think part of what makes these things appealing is the whole "home-made" architecture of it. Sure, if I were putting it in my car or adding it to something that was otherwise pristene, I'd make it look as professional as possible. Personally I think exposed IDE cables, aluminum shielding around the LCD and a motherboard accessable simply by lifting up a panel is part of the whole experience.

In other words, I've got function down, form is an afterthought. =P

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