Hello, everyone. I'm new to the forums and was pointed here by a friend who encouraged me to show off the things I've done in my spare time. Namely, modding the Beige G3 (desktop).

I'm an avid fan of these machines, ever since I got my first one for free from the University of Minnesota (and three more thereafter), as they had no value to the faculty for daily use. However, I decided to teach myself the inner workings of Mac hardware (albeit 9 year old Mac hardware) by opening the case, tinkering around, and seeing what I could come up with.

The first experiment was FrankenMac. It began life as a boring, solitary Beige G3 desktop machine which was still useful but not very interesting. It now sports nine hard drives (with 284 GB storage), two optical drives (CD-RW and DVD), two displays, FireWire & USB 2.0, wifi, an Altec Lansing sound system along with 768 Mb RAM and a 400 Mhz G3 processor. It takes up two cases, has 9 fans, cold cathodes, and needless to say was not named "FrankenMac" without a good reason.

It turned out, in the end, to be a success. I spent barely over $200 to turn a boring machine into something that people ask me if they can come over and see, and something I can use every day for general web surfing, chat, iTunes and DVD viewing.

But I wanted something that instead of sitting in my living room shrouded from the eyes of the interested, I could take out with me and "show off" as it were. (I won't deny that I'm proud of these things, even if I get odd looks from some people). Thus was born FrankenBook, yet another Beige G3 mod but this time instead of making it monsterous, I made it portable.

The idea for FrankenBook came about in the midst of building up and making FrankenMac what it is today - but I lacked both the supplies and the technical expertise to make it at the time. I won't go into graphic detail here (I've said quite enough already and the links explain everything), but FrankenBook is even more of a modding achievement than FrankenMac was. It's the logical next step in expanding my knowledge and abilities.

And with that, I welcome your opinions and suggestions. There's still a few things I'd like to do with both of these machines, and I'm working on what I should do next. Sadly, I'm out of Beige G3s, so I might have to cannibalize one of my older Macs. wink

Proud owner and creator of [url="http://nauta.halenguide.com/frankenmac"]FrankenMac[/url] and [url="http://nauta.halenguide.com/frankenbook"]FrankenBook[/url].
Also owns a closet full of [url="http://nauta.halenguide.com/nautamacs.html"]other[/url] Macs and G4 iBook 1.2 Ghz 768/60 gig in order to appear sane.