I've got a Blue and White PowerMac G3 sitting under my desk doing not a lot at the moment. I don't really have much of a use for it and I stole the hard drive from it for another System so its just taking up space at the moment.

I'm looking to get rid of it because moving later this year will require that I trim down the number of computers I own.

Its a revision 2 and I have used 160GB discs on the primary IDE channel before (though due to the standard B&W limitation it only recognizes the first 120GB of a disc.

Spec is:

G3 400 original processor.
Original CD drive
Zip 100 Drive
it has 256MB, 128MB and 64MB DIMMS in at the moment.
Internal modem (no cables and these where never the best of modems anyway)
ATi Rage128 16MB
Standard B&W spec apart from that.
you can even have the original restore disc, quick-start manual and hockey puck mouse (if you want it!).

My Dad owned it from new and passed it onto me last year when he upgraded to a G5.
I've run 10.2 and Tiger on it without a problem in the last six months

I'm based in Sheffield in the UK so its unlikely that its worth shipping anywhere out of the UK, but I would if anybody really wants it and is willing to pay for it to be collected.

I would consider splitting it for parts but I would prefer not to, as it hardly seems worth it, (and I would quite like it to go to a good home ;-)

PM, Post, or mail me burtman (at-symbol) gmail.com if your interested or have any questions.

If nobody is interested I will put it on ebay but I thought the MacMod people might like to have a quick look first.

I break stuff.