hello Cyberman

i'm brazilian, and don't speek english very well, but i try to be "clean"to you undertaand

I've my dual 800mhz Q.S. motherboard and processor in ATX case, and work fine!


Any processor pin or screws (ground or +12) can't be touch the base of metal under the motherboard...

If you're use the "front panel board" be sure if this board corretly grounded ok?

my Q.S. wont boot when I (swap the screws in processor) and when I wired groun this screws...

I don't know if I be clear or if you understand what i say, but i hope this help tou

best reguards
- G4 Dual 800mhz Quicksilver
- 1,5g ram
- HDs 30g e 40g
- Video FX5200 ULTRA 128mb
- CoolCase PC mod...

Welcome to brazillian way of life... upgrades and mods is the key!