Well im sorry to say but the dream of water cooling the sawtooth has struck a huge problem.
The sawtooth case isn't big enough to house the water cooling kit.I cut the heck out of the case for everything to fit but forgot a major mile stone. The CPU and the DVD+RW are in the way of eachother. Theres no room for the water block. So now im stuck using a ATX case. Next payday I will hunt down a new case for the porject. I remembering seeing a case that looks kinda like the G5 powermacs but with out the mesh on the front.

Right now the sawtooth case is sitting in the garage and the parts sitting next to me in a box. I hate it when I forgot one little detail. Guess now I can use the turn my B&W into a sawtooth colored case from the left over parts. Theres no point for contuning useing the old case since I havn't had a chance to build a drive tray/sled for it.
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