This is my first post here, so I guess I should say hi to everyone. so... hey!

Ok I was having problems with high cpu temps on my 14" g4 laptop. Well actually I wasn't until I decided to overclock it 30%. Now most things worked fine at that %, internet, itunes, the basic fundamental aspects didn't seem to up the temp to anything unhealthy. But after I played some games for about 30 minutes I could cook an egg on the casing. Not good... And as I'm lazy and cheap (forget legitimate modding) I've been using some makeshift cooling solutions with surprisingly effective results. Basically I unlatched the standard keyboard and put an icepack over some tinfoil onto it. My laptops temp dropped 8-10 C and now when I play 3d games, it does increase, but it's still within an acceptable range. Would love some feedback