Okay, my first posting. like the site! I need some help!

Here's what I've done to put a Buffalo "Airstation" card (WLI-PCM-L11GP) into my g3 ibook/500:

1.) I took out the metal guard from over the ram, under the keyboard and airport slot. The latter seems merely to be an inverted pc card slot.(?)

2.) I then cut off the very end of the plastic on the airport card, being careful not to melt the logic board inside.

3.) I installed it. It was recognized immediately, without the need for any special drivers or pref pane to administer it. It works because it uses the Lucent chipset, which was all the original Apple airport card was.

The problem: there is no room for the antenna to plug in-- it butts up against the keyboard ribbons, which are relatively fragile, and have no other place to go. There may be close to 2mm at most. The plug on the antenna is a good 6mm at least.

Without the antenna, the reception is garbage-- only useful for connecting to my mini, within three or four feet or so. If the antenna could be replaced with one that had a smaller connector, I'd be set. If there were a smaller card, perhaps........

Here is the card's specs:

Solution? : All the plug in is doing is creating a good connection between the card and antenna. If I was to cut it off, and solder the wire directly to the airport card's plug, would this work????

Really, the original Apple cards are now going for close to half of what the machine itself is worth.

Thoughts? Questions? Manifestos?

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