Oh gee wouldn't it be nice to have a versalaser. boy gee-golly. As an avid MacModder, i stand in protest of this machine. it takes away the personality of our projects. the sense of warmth only hand made workmanship can give. This machine de-means us as MacModders. It's laser etching mocks our craftmanship, and scolds our very being. Rise up fellow modders. Hold your dremmel high and proud. don't let this machine replace us. don't let it conquer our will to creatively conspire new and intriguing (add descriptive action verby noun-ish thing here.)

so what brought on all this..? the fact that i finally got some glass etching bits for my dremel. now i know i will never be able to replicate the caliber of detail on that etched engine in the pc window. but i do think i will add a tribute of my mac modding to my desk via glass etching. i have a giant pane of glass to work with. i just better not mess up :S i should also add a pict of something i'm working on along these lines. 6in square thick glass pane. i'm trying my hand with typeface etching. should be interesting. if not just plain neat.


btw those 24oz Monster brand energy drinks are nifty too i'm all sorts of:woohoo:
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