I was bored and opened the side of my B&W when it was on. I held my hand near some major parts like the video coard, memory, powersupply and my DVD+RW. Seems to be a bit warm for my taste. I'm going to slim down the case even more like completly taking out the middle shelf
and build some cool boxes out of some foam or cardboard. Also i'm going to fabercate some heatsink of of copper for the memory, chipsets and a HD cooler pad. I will also cram a few extra fans for better air flow and also since i'm taking out the middle shelf I can't have the big 120mm fan mounted and the ribbon cables will be everywhere. That will be fixed with the cooling boxes and i'll make some rounded ribbon cables. This will be easy to do since i've done this in the past with a few OEM PCs that overheated lol.

The spooky thing is my videocard is reading 124*F on the back of the circutboard under the GPU core. If things fell I'll just build a oversized heatsink for the video card so it covers the front and back of the card like most modern video cards.
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