maestro wrote:
Good deal. Dont take the pins off, just put some tape over them. Actually if its a mac card, you will need to cut part of the pins off, lol. I still think you would be happier with any version of 9600, its much faster and overclockable. The 5200 isnt even as fast as you ti nvidia card. If you are on a tight budget, go for it.


Exactly. I have to remove the pins.
And believe me, if I can get the GF4ti working again, I will.
Another friend is actually giving me a PCI Rage128, and I have a backup ROM file for the GF4ti. I'm going to use Graphicellerator to reflash the card. I think that will fix it. If not, the FX 5200 will get the job done.

I'm not a big gamer... I likely won't notice the difference between a Radeon 9600 and the FX 5200, especially on a 2x AGP bus. I just need something with good all-around performance for illustrating, graphic design, and general OS X stuff.
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