Tonight, I ravagly tore apart my Dell laptop that I got for free a while back (while keeping the inards intact, that is). And I ended up with the mobo, Celeron processor (500mhz sick ) Rage 128 Mobile (sick sick ) a very nice monitor, RAM, and a demolished case pleading for death. Since the monitor is in such good condition, I was hoping to get some ideas from my Mac Mod friends for some ideas. I was thinking about puting it in my cheap s**t monitor that I have right now (the back light is wierd. Almost most of the time I have to spend minutes turning it on and off until the backlight holds), but I don't know if that is possible. Another thing is I could gut my old 15" sony crt monitor and make a iDell kind of thing. Other then that, I am lost. This could be my first serious moding laugh . Plus, I can use my camera I got for Christmas (Canon Powershot S2 IS, 5mp, x12 optical zoom) to catalogue it. Thanks laugh