Well, I thought it would be a cool mod, to have it internal.

No, the nob isn't in the way at all. I use a Targus backpack, so I don't even need to remove the card during transport, so there's no bother with installation, removal, or wearing out the slot ( if that's even a real possibility ).

Even so, I may remove the nub for an external antenna... or internal, working with the aforementioned idea of connecting it to my PowerBook's modified internal antenna.
I like working with copper wink

Then the card would be internal, just taking the PC card slot, which I don't use for anything else.

BTW, the Linksys is a Cisco manufactured card as well. I was really excited that it used the same chipset as Airport. No software to install. It just works.

My previous card was a Macsense 802.11b, and the only driver available for 10.4 is one which IOExperts sells for $20. I purchased the Linksys for $25, off Craig's List, so there's no way in hell I'm paying for a shareware driver :pinch:
Two people have already offered $25 for the old card, so it's all worked out rather nicely.
It still has free drivers for OSs 8-10.3

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