Hi folks,

I just picked up a Linksys WPC54G 802.11g PC card.
It utilises the Broadcom chipset, and is compatible with Apple's Airport software and recognised by System Profiler as an Airport Extreme card.

What would be excellent, if possible, is to install this internally, using the Airport card slot.

I'm guessing it would require pinout specs for both the Airport card and the Linksys card and modification based on that info.
As for the antenna, that's a no-brainer. I'd remove the antenna from the Linksys card and attach the PowerBook's internal antenna ( which I plan on modding for better reception ).

Maybe, if that won't work, I could find a PC card cage with two slots ( say, from a Wallstreet ? ) and mod it to fit in the Pismo? I only need enough of the top slot to fit the wireless card, which is about the same thickness as an Airport card.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

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