The way I understand it, TiVo (a service provider and nothing more) liscenses certain companies to make boxes for their service. As far as the difference between Series 1 and 2, I'm not sure. It could just be the USB ports on the back of the box, or it could be a change in the way the whole service works. I just don't know. What I do know is that Sony was the sole provider of TiVo boxes for a long time, perhaps for the whole life of Series 1. Then they started liscensing to people like DirecTV, and therfore to other companies, and thus--if I understand correctly--Series 2 was born. Now, tons of companies make TiVo boxes, and I don't even know if Sony still does. I love Sony's home entertainment stuff because it all just plain roxxorz the boxxorz... There's nothing on the remotes you don't need, no frilly design elements on the machines or in their OSs, and all their components very sleek in every aspect. Perhaps that's why our whole entertainment system [including a Beta, Video 8, and kick-ass-but-unfortunately-broken TV from '85 (I've never seen ANY TV with a better picture)] was made by them. And with the exception of the TiVo box, we haven't had to replace anything. We only replaced our VCR because it was old and there was better technology out there; the old one still works, and is used from time-to-time. Talk about reliability!
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