NOOOOOO!!! Now all our components won't be made by Sony! Plus, that thing was great, and I trust Sony quite a bit more than some non-mainstream brand like Humax. Out of 10 tech-savvy people, I bet more would know of Sony than Humax. I love the ease of Sony remotes as well, and since our universal is also a Sony, it was easy to program everything. But now, we'll have to do it (*gasp*) manually! The new box, however, has a built-in DVD burner, which is a plus, I guess... Kinda... It would have been better to just get a newer DVD player from Sony with burn and hook it up to the TiVo box.

Of course, the whole reason it's being replaced is 'cause it's acting up... But we could have it fixed! Grrrr... Maybe we still can and it can become mine... Muahahahahahaha!!!

(P.S.: This is kinda creepy... In this quiet room, I can hear the Bluetooth signals being sent from my keyboard. "Tell me people: am I going insane?")

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Cheers! :-)
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