Well I bought my fiancee a new car CD player for x-mas and installed it in her 2000 Mazda 626.
She wanted a new one because her stock CD -player didn't like playing CD-Rs very well. Anyway now since I have her old CD-Player I thought I would add one to my B&W like I have done in the past with my gaming PC. It took me a hour to find the pinout for the CD-Player and I finaly got it wired up. Right now it's hooked up to my junk PC used for testing parts. I also have taken some nice pics of it also. I will make a mod guide for this as soon as I can find a HTTPD to host my pix. I'll also toss in a generic way for installing any after market car cd-player to a computer so anyone can do it with just any aftermarket cd-player.
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