Plans are now well underway (see this post). I've found almost all the parts I need, including a PCI express x1 FireWire 800 card. Cool!

One thing that's a bit problematic is the power supply; links to possible ones are at the bottom of post, but please: if you know something I don't, tell me. Preferably, it would be at least 500W, not too expensive, and only have a backside fan, which is what the G4 case will permit. It could also have an outside fan, for which I could cut a hole in the chassis, but not an inside fan, which would blow on the motherboard.

I'm thinking it could also use at least a top and maybe a bottom fan, with the top blowing out and the bottom sucking in. The space where the speaker used to reside will be taken up by an inblowing fan, and there will be a couple of outblowing fans at the back of the case. I was thinking of putting a fan controller in the 3.5" drive bay, maybe even a digital one with temperature readings.

But what about heatsinks, for the processor, chipset, and graphics card? I am quite novice in the art of building computers and anything to do with good performance. I'm pretty sure that I won't be able to do liquid cooling (price and case space), so please, don't suggest it, unless you believe differently. But please do suggest things that might work well.

SATA HD for sure... But what should I get? 250GB would be a good size. Keep in mind this will be basically a gaming-only machine, so high RPMs are not optional.

I have friends who swear up and down that Pioneer makes great optical drives, so I think I'll go with the one linked to at the bottom of this post.

And where should I buy my RAM?

As far as aesthetics go, I will definitely need to polish the outside of the case with some Brasso to get rid of the scratches and scuff marks. I was hoping I might also be able to replace the handles with ones from a Quicksilver or an MDD... Will that work? Are they compatible? They are so much cooler looking. If you have any, please PM me. I'm not decided as to the colors yet, but I know that there will definitely be black and perhaps metallic paint involved. As for the Apple logos, I'm not quite sure what to do. Give me your thoughts...

The PERFECT Motherboard:

Graphics Card:

Wireless Card:

Optical Drive:

Power Supply:
(would require SATA adapter)

Fan Controllers:

And NO, I didn't just post all this because it would promote me to G3 Level. :P

EDIT: I forgot to ask about fans! What do y'all recommend?

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