Apple makes no external hard drive right? wrong. I'm gunna make one. How? custom acrylic Case, USB to IDE adapter, and a fire wire power supply.

------------------------- __________________________
| | | |
| o o | | USB PORT F/W Port |
| | |________________________ |
| |
| |
| | The USB port will serve to connect the hard drive to the
| | computer. The fire wire has enough volts to power the
| | hard drive with a few resistors and such. So, a custom
| | Power adapter inside the case and the IDe plug to a female
| o o | USB. The o's in that drawing are screws to hold the thing
| | Together and will extend through the bottom to act as feet
|------------------------| and have rubber inside to help shock absorb. The case will be
painted white on the inside to match my iBook. and i'll add an
LED and a frosted piece of plastic so that the hard drive can
have an apple too! sweet innit?