Ello there, this is my first post here. I've just made my first attempt of overclocking an FW800 MDD 1.25GHZ.

First thing I did was modify it to run at 1.5GHZ powered by 1.6V, it hung after only 15 minutes. Second attempt at 1.42GHZ (still 1.6V) hung after 38 minutes. Now I'm down to 1.33GHZ, 1.6V running it without problems for 1h20min. Needless to say I'm somewhat disappointed, especially after reading that the 'bulletproof' 7455 should be able to run without any problems at 1.5GHZ.

What I've noticed though, is that I've got dual 7455A's instead of the 7455B's found in all MDD overclocking guides on the net. Besides a different layout of te chip and a 3- instead of 2-phase voltage regulator, I couldn't seem to find any significant differences. Maybe I'm just unlucky or maybe it's the 7455A, what do you guys think?