Well it seems everyone is talking about computers in cars. Well I want to try this. I'm thinking to use my Cube for this. Heres the idea.

1995 Toyota Corolla 4 door sadan.
The cube
10inch PAR touch screen LCD.
Bluetooth keyboard, laptop mouse and some sort of remote.
D-Link USB to wireless.
Cheap bluetooth USB.
Power inverter.

I'll keep it simple and leave the case alone on the cube alone but have the DVD drive up front with the stereo console. Also since I have plenty of room on the stereo console area I can fit the LCD there too and also maybe add a LCD for the back. The center arm rest in the front I can convert to be the control station for the setup. Have the extra LCD on the back attached to it on a swivel and can fold down, Build a little control deck for turning on and off the cube and LCDs. Also add a volume control for the back and also a cig lighter for power adapters. All of the cabling will be easy to hide since I have to head liner in the car for the moment and also I can connect the cube to my stereo. Also i'm planing to take my old cell phone and intergrating it into the arm rest also and make it hands free. Have like a mic next to the overhead light in the car or something. I can make a slideout/swivel tray for the keyboard that can hide under the glovebox.

This will be a sweet setup. Right now I have the cube mounted in the trunk with bungie cords and a rubber pad on the bottom so if I hit a bump it won't hurt the system. I have the LCD hooked up in the front also but not mounted. I want to get the DVD drive mounted frist. Tomorrow i'll head over to a computer recycle place I know of and grab a spool of ribbon cable and make a cable for the DVD. I remember seeing a little mod for making 15ft IDE cables. For it to work I have to add a few caps and resistors so it will help the cable to not to lose any resistance.

I won't use FrontRow due to bugs. I"ll just use GeeXBoX or some other Media Center program.

If this mod doesn't work out then i'll just get depressed for a day and move on to the next mod. I'll take pics of my progress on my cell phone.

I ofcorse have a plan B. If this fails i'll just take out the cube and add in my old IBM thinkpad and use some Linux distro on it.
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