Okay so I got rid of my clamshell and bought a used ibook G3 14" 800mhz but it only has 384mb ram. SOOO I'm wondering, what's the highest I can go with this guy? I'd like to upgrade it a bunch (it's worht spending the upgrade money, I got it for $392 including s&h!), like put in a bigger HD, upgrade teh ram (everymac says only up to 640), and bring the processor speed up. And I LOVE the sims 2 and play it on my "other" non-apple computer (eek!) and my boyfriend just bought me an early xmas gift of the sims 2 for mac BUT you need to have a G4 with 1mhx and a lot more ram. i forget how much. I feel bad because he opened it andinstalled it before I got home from work (and was sooo sad it didn't work awwww), so I'd like to be able to use it. But I have a feeling I need to sell the game on ebay.
Any suggestions??? :blink: