Just to kill some time of my bored'em I thought it would be fun to post hardware setups we all use.

Heres my B&W setup.
Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.3
Xcode 2
iLife 05
Tons of Unix like programs and toys.

Dashboard disabled. Spotlight also disabled and Custom Bezil icons.

As you can see on the buttom of my post you can see the system specs but not in full detail.
So here goes.

Both 40GB drives are set on IDE controller 1. Master has OSx and the second one has been partition into two partitons. One is set for a 1.5GB swap partition while the other uses a link alias to DarwinPorts and Xcode 2. My 120GB drive is a one partition connected with my Pioneer surper drive on IDE controller 2. This drive is used for backing up files, MP3s, Games and Classic emulation. Kinda sad because I use Classic in OS X then use the vMac emulator for playing some real old classic games like SimCity and PT109 lol. I have a external IDE 40GB drive I use as my final backup for just in case and also comes in handy for my iBook since it only has a 20GB HD. I had YellowDog installed on the external but I got rid of it.

I have the Radeon 7000 PCI video card with 64MB vRam with my primary monitor connected and my left monitor pluged in the DVI with a DVI-2-VGA adapter. I also have my old stock Rage 128 in for my Right monitor, works quite nice.

I use a standard PC 3 button scroll optical USB mouse and a small size 105key Logitech USB keyboard that is made for the PS2 gaming console.

JVC computer controlled receiver with 5.1 surround sound with two Jensen 100watt bass speakers and two RCA 10inch 100watt speakers, 200watt Sony sub woffer and and Awia 100watt speaker used as the center speaker. I could,'t stand the speakers that came with the tuner.

All of this sitting on a cheap 90 dollor desk from walmart with a cheap addition I made for it to be L shaped from a old book shelf lol.
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