Hi, sorry if this is a newbie question, but I've got a 1st generation (scroll wheel) iPod with a 5GB drive in it.

I'm interested in upgrading the drive (and the battery, and perhaps modding the case a little too : ) and would like to know what the limitations are on the size (capacity) of the hard drive I could put in there?

Does the firmware only accept drives up to a certain size? Is there a hardware / BIOS limitation of some sort?

I know people will probably ask why I'd want to do it, when I could just buy a new 60G iPod, but I really like the first generation ones and I only want to play music on it - so putting a 60G drive in there would be ideal (or an 80G, if they're going to bring them out anytime soon).

If anyone's got any advice, information or opinions, I'd like to hear it!