so, the video posted on the main page got me thinking. Some of us in tech and hardware positions are capable of certain things. We can do more than mod stuff. We can take the broken stuff, and break it MORE.

What happens when you throw a slot loading iMac off the top of a 6 story parking deck?

What happens when you pull the heat sink out of a running G4.

Is cream cheese a good thermal compound for an old powerbook?

Does everyone see where I'm going with this? As a tech for an apple service provider, I have tons of junk that we usually take to the dump, or just throw away. I usually dont think twice about it, but now I'm starting to think I need to let loose my inner destructive child, and see what happens when I try to break something for the video camera.

Here's my suggestion. I've got the stuff for the processor video, and I've got several imac's just waiting to play with gravity. does anyone else have any stellar ideas for stupid stuff we could do in the name of stress testing? Run with this thread, and lets see where it goes.

oooOOOOOO one last thought. I need to find a way to take a plugged in and running iMac, with a ton of extension cord, and toss it into a pool. heh, yeah. that would rule!

One could also empty one of those compressed air cans into the back of a bubble imac. the contents would plasma ball!

the best part of this? I'm so not gonna get fired. My boss will be all about this.
Electricity tastes good. No, seriously.