not to toot our own horn of mac supremacy, but i was reading up on the next windows version, called vista (formerly longhorn) and i couldnt help but notice recognizing a few of the new features from somewhere. the comments are copied from the microsft site. the best (see most comical) one is saved for last. keep in mind that vista is in beta stage and shouldnt be released until q4 2006 (they say):

properties-With Windows Vista, you no longer have to remember where you stored a certain file. File properties or metadata, such as the author of a document, artist of a song, or a keyword on a picture, can be added to your files and be used to find and organize content. In fact, if you can remember almost anything about a file, Windows Vista can find it.
sounds like spotlight comments to me.

IE-Microsoft is redesigning Internet Explorer to make everyday tasks easier through features such as tabbed browsing, inline search and shrink-to-fit printing. It also provides new tools to give users direct access to the information they want with built-in support for Web Feeds known as RSS (Really Simple Syndication).
check out safari

laptop power - As a mobile user, you might often find it difficult to quickly assess your remaining battery life, and you may be unaware of simple steps you can take to extend it. The Windows Vista power management user experience includes an updated, easy-to-find battery meter that tells you at a glance if you have enough battery life to get through the next few meetings-and to easily change power plans to meet your needs.
that seems to be on my ibook right now[i]

group collaboration - With Windows Vista, small group collaboration is now possible and practical in any place and at any time. Over corporate LANs and ad hoc wireless networks, mobile users can easily and securely transfer files and broadcast presentations and documents directly to each other's personal computers - making meetings more productive and efficient.
[i] "bonjour", madame

flip 3d - Windows Vista provides two entirely new features to manage windows codenamed "Flip" and "Flip 3D". Flip allows you to flip through open windows (by using Alt+Tab) providing a live thumbnail of each window rather than just a generic icon and filename. Live thumbnails make it easier to quickly identify the window you want, particularly when multiple windows of the same kind are open.

and the best of all, the windows sidebar
Windows Sidebar is a future technology that connects your desktop with powerful yet easy to use "gadgets"-mini-applications that help you to be more productive in your daily life at work, at home, or on the go. For example your gadgets might include local weather, a photo slideshow, a dictionary, news headlines, even a convenient way to control Windows Media Player. Gadgets are organized in an easy-to-use panel-the Windows Sidebar-that discreetly docks on the side of your Windows desktop.

there you have it, my rant is over, just thoguht id share what beathtaking new advvances we will ahve in personal computing, about a year and a half after it was first actually implemented.