I recently acquired a 500mhz icebook.
Already, I've removed the white paint and clocked it to 650mhz.

However, that's not enough.
I'm looking for a possible replacement for my Pismo, and a friend has offered a trade for my Pismo. He's offered me an 800mhz G4 iBook logic board, frame, and tray loading iBook combo drive for the Pismo. All in proper working order.

Today, he brought it over so we could make sure it's compatible with the screen.
Well, the display data cable is a perfect match, however, the inverter cable and mic cable sockets are different onthe G4 logic board than the G3.

So, I imagine my tow options are to obtain an inverter board from another G4 iBook, or modify my G3 display's cable to work.
It would be more fun, methinks, to mod the cable to make it work, as it involves making me work with what I have to make the machine operate :evil: ( aka, hack ).
And the mic cable'a a no-brainer. It connects to only two prongs, so modding the plug would fix that in a hurry.
I just need to find which wire carries what in the inverter cable.

Any ideas? Has anyone else doen this?

Thanks in advance.
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