okay so i found out from applecare to day that by installing a bigger HDD and superdrive in to my 15"powerbook i've voided my warranty. SO thus begins an early execution of Project:DeFraction. DeFraction is my band, industrial/techno. it is also the artwork that i have done. and the entire GUI of my PB is being changed to match this artwork. i'll be painting the outside shell black, and the inside a bright orange, but not flourescent bright.
now i haven't been totally swept away by the DAS keyboard idea and would still like to have letters on my keys. prefferably black with oragne letters. does anyone have any idea how i could accomplish this, short of painting on letters by hand


P.S. i will also be painting my gamecube, gameboy, xbox, G4 Cube, and various pieces of office furniture on the same scheme of black, green, purple, and orange. it's really a wicked color scheme.

2.4gHz 15" MacBook Pro, 1.66gHz Core Duo Mac Mini, 2.5gHz G5 QUAD, 733mHz Quicksilver, 450mHz G4 Cube, 700mHz G3 iBook, 350mHz Sawtooth G4, 350mHz Revs. A and B B&W G3, 16mHz Powerbook 100, 8mHz Macitosh Classic.