Crap I bet it would be cheaper then to buy one off of ebay. They all have anywhere 1GB to 1.5GB, 450 to 500MHz CPU speed. Geforce 2 MX or Rage 128 Video and with 40 to 80GB HDs. Airport cards and running Darwin 8.0.1 When I sell them I was planing to toss on Tiger 10.4.3. Probly around 400 to 500 bucks a pop. I spent around 600 bucks on them for parts to upgrade them when I got them. So I need to try and get some of that back since now I can't use it as a tax write off.

I'm going to keep the main Cube that I used in the cluster. It has the best of the specs whistle

1.5GB Memory
100GB HD
GeForce 2 MX (32MB vram)
Bluetooth 1.1 (Via USB doggle)
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