Okay so i have things thing loaded up with Adobe CS2, Macromedia studioMX, and Finalcut Pro Studio. Now for an unfair challenge, i pitted it against my G4 Powerbook. The specs for each are a G5 2.5ghz QUAD w/ 4gigs RAM and 2x500gig HDD, and a 15in Powerbook 1ghz w/ 1.5gigs RAM, 100gig HDD and 2x200gig external HDD. Now both computers are pretty similar as far as the software installed, and how the OS is setup, but the QUAD's FSB speed alone is faster than my Book. I ran Photoshop filters, file transfers and the likes. The most impressive is this: i restarted both computers. In Finalcut 5 i got the same 30 minute clip on both computers. adjusted the speed of the clip to 50% (making it a hour long) and added a sepia filter. when the redering status window came up, the Powerbook read appox. 2 hours. the QUAD's status window read approx. 23 minutes, and had completed rendering in 24 minutes.

Just WOW.

2.4gHz 15" MacBook Pro, 1.66gHz Core Duo Mac Mini, 2.5gHz G5 QUAD, 733mHz Quicksilver, 450mHz G4 Cube, 700mHz G3 iBook, 350mHz Sawtooth G4, 350mHz Revs. A and B B&W G3, 16mHz Powerbook 100, 8mHz Macitosh Classic.