Okay folks. I've done quite a bit of research on this, and everyone seems to believe it's possible but I've yet to find anyone who's done it. Most site the cost as being the primary factor (i.e. costs more than it's worth), but for the Mod project I'm working on I can see no better way.

The overall project is a Desk mod and included in it is taking my old TIBook display and imbedding it into the desk. My TI book is shot due to a logic board issue, but not related to the display, so I think I have a lot of the parts I'll need once I take it a part. My goal is to gut the TIBook save for what I need to make the display work and use the case as a storage drawer with the screen still attached to flip up from the desk.

I'm beginning the project the weekend after thanksgiving and shooting to have it completed by Christmas. What do I need to prep, buy beforehand?