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Not quite... Apple is definitely moving towards becoming a media company, and their hardware and OS are just two of the ways they can get the media out to people. The iTunes music store is also a major source of income, and that is what they're moving towards: having media as their main source of income. They'll continue Macintosh, of course, and maybe eventually they'll come out with Granny Smith or Washington or something (:P), and they'll continue to provide the "only" hardware that will run it properly, but in the end, it'll be all about the media. As Steve Jobs has said himself many times, "It's all about the music."

Media and hardware are not mutually exclusive. The iTunes music store, while it does make a lot of money, is not even close to attaining a majority of the net income of Apple; Remember, Apple does not get all $.99 of the song you download. Steve Job's reference to "It's all about the music" is in context to the iTunes/iPod/iTuneMS trio, not to Apple itself. When the Macintels debut, he won't be using that phraseology in concordance with their release.

You have to take a look at the big picture, especially in context with this recent patent application (Go ahead, read the whole patent... it'll leave you smiling). It is very short-sighted to think that because SJ at the moment is taking advantage of its huge success with ITMS that he's abandoned the company's entire "plan of battle". He's using media to sell hardware, more specifically, Macs. This is why the "halo effect" is so important, not only because it coincides with SJ plan to retake the computer industry, but also because it's working. Apple is selling at a higher rate than any other computer company in the world.

No my friend, Apple is a hardware company and will remain a hardware company while Steve is at the helm. Just because it has software peripherals, doesn’t make it a software company. Disney is a media company, Apple is not.

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