oojacoboo wrote:
wow, thats amazing. I dont know what to say. Its a smart move on apple's part though.

Smart move indeed. Look, I like the idea of liscensing OS X outside of Apple hardware, but it would be a very bad financial move. People are dumb and people would not justify spending money on Apple hardware if they could get the “same OS”, and in their minds the same performance, in a cheaper box. Apple receives most of its money through Hardware. Apple is, and always will be, primarily a hardware company.

So they're going to be smart. Not only will they “allow” you to dual boot windows on a system, they'll also prompt you with an option and walk you through it. Most people are intimidated by dual booting. If Apple pulls it off correctly (and they will), it will boost sales tremendously. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they gave the option of allowing you to have windows vista/xp ( sick ) preinstalled on to your system next to Jag.