Well I have a lot of goodies for my new Media Center. Right now I have my Xbox as my system while having a home made DIY projector hooked up with my cheap walmart 5.1 surround sound. I also have in the works of a projector screen made out of 1x1s and canvas. I'm not sure on how big to make it yet, for the moment i'm using a white sheet lol. Basicly all I have done so far was make the projector, tonight i'll hook up my B&W and play around with it, Maybe i'll try my PC and play some CS lol.

The projector was simple to make. I bought a while back a old overhead projector for stilimages. I took a two sided LCD from work that didn't work very due to a bad power button. I just set the LCD on top of the projector and built a wooden box to make sure any light doesn't effect the quality and wahlla.

I'm thinking to clean out the garage and turn it into a small theater. I already got a couch and a chair out there, just they're covered in boxes of junk. Sadly I wouldn't beable to inclose the garage due to permits and stuff so I would just stick a window A/C unit in and never open the garage lol.
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