maestro wrote:
xbetterforworsex, first what are your modding capabilities? I say this not to offend you, but to say this
mod you seek will be very high on the difficulty scale. You may want to start with something easier, unless you
have a lot of modding experience. Im not trying to shut this idea down, its a great idea, but it will take quite a bit
of cash and engineering skill.


I'm just coming out of a really busy season so I haven't been able to do anyhting with this. BUT I did go to school for audio engineering and I understand signal flow and can solder like crazy. It's my first mac mod idea, but I don't think I'll be gatting aroud to it until after the holidays. But then I definatly WILL try it! I have an old ibook that my roommate laft behind and it works, so I'm going to use that. smile