TCPMeta wrote:
Checkout ebay for a touch screen LCD. Heres a few samples for a search.

POS system
Par register
LCD touch
Touch screen

The only problem is that you will end up disabling the built on LCD and using the other LCD though the VGA on the ibook. For the touch function to work you would need a touch screen that uses a USB or Firewire connection. Avoid serial connections because iBooks don't have serials. Unless you can find a Serial to USB converter then you can use a Serial based touch screen.Post edited by: TCPMeta, at: 2005/10/30 18:25

I've been looking for a usb or fireone one on ebay, but mosly all I can find are installed in monitor ELO ones. I'm going to keep looking though.

oojacoboo wrote:
troll touch has some nice ones. There are also clear covers you can put over the screen for somewhat limted touch, but not too bad. Also, infared (IIRC) adapters you can use to achieve the same effect.

I looked at troll touch but they didnt seem to have any parts, but pre built. Am I wrong??? I might have missed it. Link me?

photoworkplace wrote:
I would take a look at these people

Using something with a Wacom digitizer is
a better solution than what a pressure
sensitive screen gives you which is in
essence only mouse emulation.
But the real issue is even if you get it
working there are really no programs to
make full use of the inking capability.

For what you are talking about I think you
would have a better chance of putting the
iBook guts into the PC case than getting
the hinge to fit in an iBook
You might want to think of a hinge and
slider mechanism such as this. Even if you
have to make a connector that allows you to
unplug adjust the screen and than plug the
connector back in.

One last note I have responded to this post
using nothing but a 3lb. slate PC
Traitor you might say! Yes but I am
a Professional and I need tools not
ideology to get my Job done.
Unfortunately Mr. Jobs does not want to
offer us these tools.

Yeah I like the wacom better as well. But I really wanted to make this out of an ibook. I think I can build something pretty easily to use to flip it around. That part I'm not worried about anymore. Now I'm more interested in running the drivers for the interface.
And your itable sounds awesome, from what I've read. I just really want to be able to utilize both parts, as I am a webdesigner and I work in real estate. I really need to have a keyboard. smile