JediJoker7169 wrote:
In terms of the backlit keyboard, can one be modified to work in a 1.33 GHz 12" PB? I've always wanted to be able to work well in the dark because... Well... It's just that cool. Or if one can't be modified to work, can some kind of backlight be well implemented? EL would obviously work the best, but also would be expensive, and I'm sure it would be hard to fit around all the nooks and crannies of the keyboard's underside. And I'm sure whatever it was would also suck power like mad, of which this model is already lacking. I've seen some iBook mods that use fiberoptics, but they look kinda splotchy. I'm looking for a more uniform backlight.

I've been thinking about this a lot as well. I've seen some fiber optics that were done well. The one thing my buddy and I were discussing might actualy work. (But probably not haha)
We were thinking of putting a bigger LED (if it will fit) or brighter LED into the sleep light. Useing fiber optic tubeing you can run the light to each key, with the tubing being enlarged toward the end.And then tape off around the under part of the key so that the light is concentrated at the specific key and will seem less like a pin spot.. That's really as far as we got... I know there are going to be spaceing issues and such. haha it's pretty half brained but it could be sort of a jumping off point.